June 8, 2017
Willow Grade
Limited Rare Willow
Pricing NZD


The Signature bat is the flagship of our range. We only produce five or six of these bats every year as it is imperative that the quality of willow is unsurpassed. The Signature Series is the type of bat that a bat-maker can scarcely bear to part with – an incredibly good piece of willow turned into the finest bat imaginable.

The Signature bat is made to your specification and individually numbered and signed by James Laver, founder and owner of Laver & Wood Cricket Bats. The Signature bat package option is accompanied by a second bat that is for use as a practice bat. Some of our Signature customers only use this second bat in matches as they cannot bear the thought of using the Signature bat they have just purchased!

Price NZD$1150

1 Signature Bat

Spare Grips and Oil

It is highly unusual for us to have more than two pieces of Signature Grade willow available at any one time. Therefore we have a waiting list in operation. Each willow shipment is carefully graded and only one or two clefts per hundred will make the Signature grade. Please  contact us us to enquire about putting your name on the waiting list.

Please fill in our  free bat-sizing form and mention that you are interested in the Signature bat in the Additional Comments box.

Technical Details

Signature Bats can be made in an array of sizes & styles including Short Handle, Long Handle and Long Blade within a weight range of 2lb7 ozs to 3lbs6 ozs. Please contact  James Laver for details of the type of bat that will best suit your game. We will endeavour to cover specific details of your game to make sure that the bat is suited perfectly. You can be assured that we insist on detailed communication before we begin production.

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