The Legacy Profile

LW Profile Legacy

An overview of the Legacy Profile

The sweet spot is extremely low on the Legacy and effectively as low as one can possibly get in a bat.  As there is a high spine through the whole blade, a larger sweet spot is also generated the more the bat is used. The willow used for the Legacy is graded on performance and is selected from about 80% of the finest willow that we import into New Zealand. For the Legacy clefts, we are not purely searching for the best looking willow but simply for the clefts that hit the ball the furthest.

If power is what you are looking for then the Legacy is likely to be the bat for you. It is ideally suited to low bouncing wickets and wickets with unpredictable bounce. The pickup is amazingly good for a bat that has so much wood low down and so also works well on the artificial pitches where the bats get a lot of wear in the toe area.

LW profile legacy cross

Cross-section examples

Lighter Bat
Heavy bat

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