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Made in New Zealand by James Laver and his Pod Shaving team .

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We make Cricket bats

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Custom Handcrafted Bats

Laver & Wood offer a custom design and manufacturing service to deliver you the best cricket bat you have used. Learn more click image above.

Bat Lore

Review our knowledge base on bat sizing, handle and profile design information. Help with selecting  Willow or a bat profile for your style of game? Review our Bat Lore.

Laver & Wood Repairs

Repairs & Replication

Laver & Wood offer a full repair and refurbish service. We also can take your favourite bat, perhaps now out of production and replica it.

What We Do

Laver & Wood custom makes bats to cricketers’ specifications. We aim to make you the best bat you have ever used, listening carefully to what you want from your bat and helping you decide what will work best for you.

We hand make all our bats, and almost all our bats are made to customers specifications. We can alter the length of the blade, the weight of the blade, the length of the handle, and the shape of the handle. We hand grade our willow so can usually find a cleft with the number of grains or the look that you require.

By hand making bats we can make the bat you want, shape of the blade, having thick edges, scalloped blades or a traditional shape. We can position the middle for the kind of conditions you play in. Fast bouncy pitches where runs come from flat bat shots need light bats with a high middle as scoring shots come from generating bat speed.

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How is willow graded? Which country provides the best willow? What weight should I be getting with my new bat? Will I be better to have the carbon fibre handle? These questions and more can be answered by our knowledgeable experienced staff, contact us today or fill out the simple free bat sizing form and we will contact you back.

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