Profile – Classic

This information is to be used as a guide only. We can alter these to suit your requirements. Please email us with your request to see if we can make your bat, or if you prefer use our bat sizing tool.

The Classic Profile

The long-standing, traditional shape. This profile benefits from a long, high spine which allows for a very large hitting zone. This time-honoured shape is ideal for touch players who love to place the ball through the gaps in the field.

The Classic Profile can be made in any of our bat Grades. This example weighs 2lbs10ozs and the shape can be scaled to match weights from 2lbs7ozs upwards.

Cross-section examples

1.Lighter Bat
2.Heavy bat

Click on image above to see previously made bats of this profile. Click Special tag to review stock Special profile bats in our online shop.

If you plan to choose one of our customised bats these shapes can be altered to suit your style of play. To order a handcrafted custom bat choose Custom bat order. Not sure what you need or have a specification of your own? Please use our free bat sizing tool to contact us for our recommendations.

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